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  • Wine metabolomics
  • Effect of plant protection products on the winemaking process
  • Influence of viticultural and oenological factors on sensory characteristics of wine
  • Basic Research on sensory wine evaluation
  • Study of the main factors of preference and acceptance of wines by consumers
  • Agricultural economy and politics/ international commerce
  • Marketing and analysis of demand for food products
  • Rural development and changes in the use of agricultural land
  • Internationality and orientation of organic wine: marketing strategies and development of synergies
  • The positioning of wines with designation of origin at a regional, national and international level
  • Effect of environmental stress on vine physiology
  • Climate change in viticulture
  • Effect of communication actions on the perception of brands
  • Development of marketing strategies focused on changing the image of Spanish wine in the international market
  • Valorisation of oenological by-products
  • New products for the wine stabilisation and clarification
  • Influence of production systems on the performance and quality of the grape
  • Influence of pruning and type of grafts on vine development, longevity and prevalence of wood diseases
  • Establishment of vine performance and quality models
  • Precision viticulture. Measurement viticulture
  • Recovery and study of minority varieties. Evaluation of intra-varietal variability
  • Biostimulants as possible protectors against fungal diseases of the vine


This Master’s Degree offers access to PhD studies. It provides good training for the following PhD programmes: