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The wine sector has been very dynamic of late. The emergence of wines from new wine-producing countries on other continents, new winegrowing and winemaking techniques, and innovative sales and marketing strategies are questioning the status that other wine-producing areas and brands have historically enjoyed. Specialised professionals of the highest calibre, who can take a holistic view of the various wine production and winery management business areas, are needed to address these threats.

The Master’s Degree in Innovative Oenology from the UPV/EHU and UPNA provides a very up-to-date view of the professional profile in the wine sector. It involves an interdisciplinary approach, which places particular value on the role of coordinating winery activities so as to adopt a positioning strategy within a market that is constantly changing and ever more complex. This is what differentiates the Master’s Degree from many others, which are more related to wine production alone.

The interdisciplinary perspective means the course may be of interest to students with prior qualifications that are not necessarily related to agriculture. This is a specialisation that could, therefore, be within the reach of many students and professionals who are interested in the wine sector.


  • An interdisciplinary Official Master’s programme aimed at training professionals of the viticulture sector, providing an in-depth look at wine production from the vineyard to the finished product. The programme includes aspects of viticulture, oenology, wine tasting and the commercial management of wineries.
  • Participation of professionals with wide-ranging knowledge of the international viticulture sector.
  • Work placements in wineries.
  • Master’s thesis in a Winery or Research Centre.
  • Evaluation of nearly one hundred wines, representative of different wine types and viticulture regions around the world.
  • Visits to wine producing facilities and wineries.
  • Access to a Doctoral Thesis.
  • Teaching venue: Lascaray Ikergunea-Research Centre (UPV/EHU, Alava Campus, Vitoria-Gasteiz) and Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería Agronómica y Biociencias (UPNA, Arrosadia Campus, Pamplona).
  • Teaching language: Spanish.
  • Timetable: Full time: from September to May. Part-time programme for working professionals.
  • Teaching Load: 60 ECTS (39 Classes in the classroom + 6 Practicum in the winery + 15 Final Master’s Project)
  • Enrolment fees: €2,000
  • For further information, visit: UPV/EHU | UPNA