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Reception and Orientation

In addition to the information on postgraduate studies provided by the UPV/EHU and the UPNA through their websites, this page will have a link to a specific website for the Master’s Degree (developed in collaboration with IMK, a public company of the Department of the Environment, Spatial Planning and Agriculture & Fisheries of the Basque Government), which will provide clear and precise information on all aspects that may be of interest to students when it comes to making decisions regarding enrolment, the programme of studies and the proposed assessment procedures.


Support and Orientation after Enrolment

Once enrolled, the UPV/EHU and the UPNA Universities Master’s Degree management standards establish that each student shall have a personal tutor (assigned by the Master’s Academic Committee after enrolment) and a director for their End of Master’s Project (which each student will choose based on the work carried out by faculty staff each year). Both will act as guidance counsellors when it comes to taking the decisions required to correctly complete the postgraduate studies. Besides, the Postgraduate Studies and Continuing Education Unit will offer the support required to manage other matters relating to the course (grant requests, calls for proposals, certificates, changes to enrolment, recognition of credits, etc.). All the information is provided in a comprehensive and up-to-date manner on the Postgraduate Studies and Continuing Education Unit website. Information regarding the internal workings of the Master’s Degree (timetables, calendar, activities, etc.) will be provided in detail on the Master’s website. Likewise, the manager and professors that make up the Master’s Academic Committee, as well as the professors involved in the degree, will always be available to respond to the students’ needs, and they will have time set aside for tutor sessions.


Similarly, the Degree Quality Assurance System and the procedure attached establish that a student suggestions and complaints channel is to be provided, according to the corresponding regulations. The Master’s Academic Committee will meet at the end of each quarter to assess the complaints and suggestions, among other items, and the conclusions detailed in the Assessment, Review and Improvement Record.


After a personal interview with the pre-enrolled student, the tutor will also define the remaining elective courses that the student should enrol in so that they can get the professional profile they are looking for. The number of electives available means that the student can select various professional approaches, thus meeting any concerns that they may have. The tutor will also guide the student to later select the company where they will carry out the mandatory external internship as well as the theme of the End of Master’s Project so that these experiences provide the student with the possibility to develop the professional profile they are aiming for.


As this is a professional Master’s Degree which includes a mandatory external internship, the tutor will also oversee the internship and will be responsible for ensuring communication and for resolving any issues that could arise while the internships at the companies are carried out. The tutor will guide the student and the company when it comes to deciding the theme of the End of Master’s Project, aiming for compatibility between the academic interests of the student and the specific or strategic needs of the collaborating companies.