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10 Apr

Erminio Monteleone is a lecturer in the Official Master’s Degree in Innovative Enology of the UPV / EHU and a professor at the Department of Agriculture, Food and Forest Systems Management at the University of Florence. He has a long experience in sensory analysis of food, many of scientific articles and publications, as well as the participation and direction of numerous international projects make him one of the main references of sensory analysis at European level. Not in vain is the president of the Italian Association of Sensory Analysis (SISS) and member of the management of the European Society of Sensory Analysis (E3S).

He was recently interviewed by the prestigious spanish magazine “Enólogos” ( to give his views on the present and the future of sensory analysis, as well as on the potentialities not yet realised for the improvement of the quality of food products, including wine.

Read the complete article HERE.