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Classrooms and workspaces

The Master’s Degree classes will be taught at the Lascaray Ikergunea-Research Center in the UPV/EHU and at the Lecture building in the UPNA.



The Departments involved in the Master’s Degree have sufficient Teaching Laboratories to be able to cater to the degree course. However, it should be noted that a large part of the Practical Laboratory Classes at the UPV/EHU will take place at General Research Support Services (SGiker). At the UPNA, the Practical Laboratory Classes will take place at the School of Agricultural Engineering and Biosciences and El sario building.


Laboratories, workshops and experimental facilities

The laboratories are equipped with advanced, modern analytical instrumentation and will guarantee a quality education that few institutions can offer. The personnel assigned to these laboratories are highly qualified and are able to assist with the Master’s Degree training activities.


The Departments involved at the UPNA have four pilot plants (one of them dedicated to oenology), seven laboratories and a practices field with greenhouses and plots for different crops.



At the UPV/EHU, the Sensory Analysis Laboratory and the Central Analysis Service are located in the R&D&I building at the Alava Campus and they are suitably equipped to be used for practical classes and seminars that are part of the Master’s Degree.


At the UPNA, the Sensory Analysis Laboratory have 25 lab booths for teaching and certificate analysis room with 7 booths. The laboratories have specific equipment for vines monitoring, for oenology industry and for research.



The UPV/EHU and UPNA Libraries have a suitable bibliography on record to support the Master’s course. It is important to note that a large part of the student’s work will rely on searching various databases (SCIFINDER, MEDLINE, EUROPEAN UNION LEGISLATION AND CASE LAW, VLEX, etc.), all of which can be accessed from the UPV/EHU or UPNA sites.


Reading rooms

At the library, Master’s students and teaching staff are guaranteed access.


New technology

The Pharmacy Faculty at the UPV/EHU has two computer rooms with a capacity of 80 work stations, all connected to the UPV/EHU corporate network system. In the Department of Agriculture, Biology and Food at the UPNA, there is a computer room with 25 work stations.


Other resources

Students enrolled in the Master’s Degree will have access to the aforementioned databases and specific software that may be required for some of the Master’s courses by using the computer rooms or their own personal computers connected to the University WiFi network.