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Applicants must pre-enrol Online through the UPV/EHU GAUR application from 2 April to 31 May 2018.


General documentation recquired:


Photocopy of DNI, residence identity, national identity card or passport.

Photocopy of degree.

Photocopy of personal academic transcript, with results and notifications of all subjects taken. during the course of their degree.

Projects, articles and publications by the student.

Other achievements (Recommendation letter, etc.).


In addition to the above, students with foreign degrees that have not been endorsed must submit:


  • A certified translation of the degree and transcript into one of the two official languages of the Basque Country. If the Master classes are taught in English documents can be sent in this language.


For pre-enrolment confirmation, students should submit the required documentation online. Students unable to submit online should send documentation to the Master secretariat.


After 25 June, once the Academic Committee selects the pre-enrolments received, students can find out the status at the University website or here: pre-enrolment applications status.


Once a student has been accepted onto a course and notified over the GAUR platform, they have a 10-day period in which to confirm their intention to participate in the Master’s. Following this period, their acceptance will automatically be cancelled and the next student on the waiting list will be duly notified.


If a student is accepted, they must provide written confirmation of their intention to participate in the program. In this case, students who confirm their acceptance will begin the registration process at the request of the University. In order to complete the registration process, students must submit either original documentation and a photocopy for collation, or certified photocopies.


If your pre-enrolment application has been accepted and confirmed, you can begin the enrolment process using the information you will receive from the Secretary’s Office of the centre running your Master’s programme (a username and password).


Once you have received this information, log on to GAUR to complete your enrolment.


Enrolment dates: From 17 July 2017 onwards.